Live By Example.

After examining numerous non profit organizations, I wanted to highlight a NPO that is utilizing social media in incredible ways. Mashable, the Social Media Guide, created the Summer of Social Good which recognized four nonprofits and their efforts in using social media. LIVESTRONG, one of the organizations recognized is a non profit that has taken full advantage of the opportunities to engage their communities through social media and has integrated all of the components of social media into their communications strategy.

            In their efforts to raise awareness about cancer, this organization has completely engaged with the online community through blog, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, YouTube, and Flickr, and bookmarking. In previous posts, I have mentioned the importance of integrating your social media strategy so that they are consistent, and your followers are constantly receiving updated content and information. LIVESTRONG is a great example of this and I would like to highlight some of their successful social media endeavors.

            An article on Mashable says they use their Twitter to inform the public on different events and information on their website, but LIVESTRONG also teamed up with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the American Cancer Society to help promote their fundraiser called the Blame Drew’s Cancer campaign. Even though they were not promoting their own event, the fact that their name was represented increased the reach of their organization even more. Branding is an important aspect within a non profit organization, so anything that can be done to increase your organization’s presence will be beneficial.

            LIVESTRONG also used Flickr as a way to connect with people and engage by asking them to post pictures from various events wearing their LIVESTRONG bracelets, and the campaign was so successful that it received 400 entries in just 3 days. The organization is also heavily represented on sites like Facebook and Myspace, as well as YouTube, where people can share inspirational videos with one another.

            LIVESTRONG has allowed people to engage with them in a variety of ways, and they have encouraged activism through their many campaigns according to Brooke McMillan. She says that it is important to offer the communities ways to create something together, allow the communities to create content for your website, and most of all create opportunities for people to give in different ways and create continuous opportunities for activism.


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  1. Tyler Allen

    Just an editing suggestion for you Ashley: nonprofit is one word according to AP Style 🙂

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