A Donation Could Be Just One Friend Request Away

Our society is continually seeking new and innovative ways to find information and stay connected. For your non-profit organization, this very fact is why social networking sites can be helpful in your social media strategy. Social networking sites like Facebook allow your NPO to have access to multiple applications that can help achieve your mission.

            Outreach is one of the most important aspects of a non-profit organization because in order to be effective, people need to be aware of your presence as an organization. Facebook has applications such as the event and fan pages, group, and causes applications. These are all great tactics in viral marketing because they are an inexpensive way to promote your cause, and allow your supporters to engage and invite their friends.

             The Causes application is a very popular feature on Facebook for non profits because it utilizes the established relationships of people using the site to spread their message, but according to an article in The Washington Post, the application does not amount to many donations. Research shows that more than 25 million of Facebook’s 200 million worldwide users are supporters of at least one cause, but only 185,000 members have ever donated to the site.

            The median amount of money tends to be around $25 dollars, which is not a lot in comparison to other methods of getting donations, although Causes has raised over $7 million dollars in donations overall. This might not seem like a promising endeavor, but for smaller non profits that are not as widely known and recognizable, this application tends to bring more success. Even though the amount per person may not be hugely significant, this application allows groups to come together and raise money in a fashion that would not otherwise be possible.

            Facebook also has a page that is dedicated solely to non-profit organizations with RSS feeds to helpful webinars and blogs, and an overall mission that seeks to promote non profits, offer advice on how to effectively use Facebook and create a community for people who support non-profit organizations. Regardless of the amount of donations your organization could potentially receive from utilizing Facebook, it is very effective in helping to educate and create awareness about your cause and recruit volunteers because of the sheer number of users and how quickly the platform allows information to spread.


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One response to “A Donation Could Be Just One Friend Request Away

  1. Tyler Allen

    I think the ’causes’ application on facebook was a great idea, but who knows how effective it is. Most young people on facebook don’t have a large disposable income to the handing out to charities! Plus, with all the other crazy applications on the site, these invitations can get lost in the clutter of Miley Cyrus quizzes and Farmville requests!

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