Lights. Camera.YouTube.

Let’s face it. We have received a YouTube clip from our friends or family, and more often than not, we passed it on because of its’ humor, information quality, or touching message. This trend, better known as viral marketing, should not be taken lightly because it is clear that sharing content and information is highly valued and necessary in our society.  Being that YouTube is the world’s largest online video community, it provides a platform to do that and further engage with your supporters, and could be integral in your social media strategy.

            As a non profit, YouTube can be especially beneficial to your organization because it has the capacity to reach millions. The exchange of information that takes place in this medium can be vital in your communications, and will also be easily accessible for all your donors and volunteers.

            Charity: Water is a great example of a non profit organization utilizing the capabilities of YouTube. YouTube has a program implemented specifically for non-profits and it is beneficial because they have created special features to help increase awareness and donations, one of which was used by Charity: Water. NPOs now have the option of adding a Call-to-Action overlay on their videos, so that when users are watching their video, they can click on the screen and it will actually take them to the non profit organization’s website.

            Charity: Water used this strategy, and people clicked to their website, and after just one day, people collectively donated about 10,000 dollars to their cause. Once you click on the overlay, this redirected people to their site which had options and links for them to volunteer, twitter and facebook pages, upcoming events, and an opportunity to donate.

            YouTube is a simple platform to create awareness because people who believe in your cause can pass the video on. It is also helpful because you do not have to implement the technologies to begin a campaign such as this one. The technology is already available, and you are simply allowing people to engage in a voluntary way by recognizing their motivations and behaviors. There is no cost associated with this site, and along with the application to drive more visitors to your website, the Non Profit channel also has special features, tips, and advice for organizations interested in using their site.

                        This new feature has proved quite useful for Charity: Water, so why not give it try? Your next donation or volunteer could be just one view away.


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