A Little Thing Called Corporate Social Responsibility

Every year, corporations and their employees donate millions of dollars, their time and their resources to aid non profit organizations in their mission, and they do this because of corporate social responsibility. Corporation’s CSR initiatives usually have a variety of innovative programs, philanthropies, and volunteer opportunities within them because according to an article, “Explicit Donations & Inferred Endorsements,” research shows evidence that suggests a corporation’s social behavior can affect a consumer’s attitudes towards them. These initiatives can help create customer loyalty and trust, positive community relationships, greater perceptions of the corporation and its civic engagement, and “bottom line” benefits to the company. How can this help your non profit organization you might ask? Let me tell you.

            This philosophy serves to include the public welfare, community development, and global impact into a corporation’s decision making process, and this all helps to accomplish their triple bottom line: People, Planet, and Profit. When consumers are aware of a corporation’s socially responsible actions, this helps to increase their customer support because socially and environmentally oriented consumers tend to support companies that have values that align with their personal beliefs.

            As a NPO, this idea is important to you because if you properly utilize social media, a corporation could take notice to your cause and implement CSR initiatives that can help your organization achieve its’ goals. Corporate Social Responsibility allows a non profit organization, which sometimes may have limited resources, to build relationships with corporations who can assist the organization in gaining recognition, support, donations, and volunteers. You are not only receiving benefits from this partnership, but it is a mutual relationship with the corporation as well because they are getting recognized for their support of your cause. The corporation has the resources to assist your NPO, and provide volunteers, donations, and event sponsorships while also increasing your visibility and reach. In a recent study in 2008, around $1.5 billion dollars was used for CSR initiatives, a growing number from the $125 million spent in 1990.

            For example, the article discusses companies that have implemented charitable involvements, and some include breast cancer event sponsorships such as Race for the Cure by Ford Motor Company and breast cancer awareness by Avon; Coca-Cola assists with the Boys and Girls Club, and Home Depot donates its tools and supplies to Habitat for Humanity.

            A recent example of corporate social responsibility has been Twitter, and they have teamed up with Room to Read, a non profit organization founded in 2000 that promotes education in the developing world. Beth Kanter does a profile on the collaborative effort of these organizations in creating the Fledgling Initiative, and this is an example of how different organizations can come together and tackle our societal issues and dilemmas together.


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  1. Tyler Allen

    Ashley, I really enjoyed the Fledgling Wine video you embedded in this post. This was also the first time I’ve ever seen Biz Stone (such a cool name), Twitter’s co-founder. I didn’t realize he’s so young!

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